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April 16, 2012

The Happy WooferWelcome to our new website at The Happy Woofer.  We're working hard to give you the information needed to pick the right puppy for your family, as well as show you what our kennel is all about!  If you have any questions, please click here to send us your inquiry.


April 12, 2012

Hi Diane! (Kate and Brooke too!!!)


Of course we would love the chance to rave about you guys!! We live about 7 hours away in Rhode Island, and after weeks of searching for reputable breeders in and around New England we came across The Happy Woofer, and thank goodness we did! You all have been an absolute gift to have come across! We loved your staff before we even met them, Both Kate and Brooke were so open and giving, they were willing to answer any and absolutely all questions we had about our new puppy Winnie, yourself and The Happy Woofer! And boy did I have a lot! We were even more impressed and relieved when we made the drive and met your staff in person and were able to see the facility where all the dogs are housed.


When Kate walked down the driveway to meet us with Winnie in her arms we fell absolutely in love! She has the sweetest temperament and is not afraid of anything or any one. From the moment we met both her and her sister it was playtime, they didn't need time to warm up or get over shyness, they were just ready to love and play with everyone they met! Her personality has stayed true to our first meeting, she loves on everyone she meets and we get more compliments on her beauty and her temperament that we just could never thank you all enough! We were given a complete tour of the place and were so happy to see how clean and well kept it was! It really showed how much pride and work you all put into The Happy Woofer and it just added to the feeling of rightness that we had found the perfect pup for us at a place we did not have to be worried about! Coming from a small town in Vermont I was also excited to see other animals on the property like horses etc, as even though they didn't meet them, the dogs get the chance to become used to the different smells. I could go on all day but I wanted to make sure I mentioned how well Winnie did at her first vet visit too!


Our vet was so impressed with how well she was handled as a puppy and how healthy she was! He went on to tell us we should desensitize her to touching ears and feet, and said "she's not going to like this but you have to get to the point where she doesn't notice" he then stuck his finger in her ear and expected her to squirm like crazy, well just like the pride and joy she is she couldnt have cared less! He was so impressed with his ability to play with her feet without fuss too and said that really showed she was brought up wonderfully!


Needless to say we were so proud! I would recommend The Happy Woofer for more reasons than could fit in this description, but a big one for us is the ability to be in contact with you all whenever we have questions. Since we picked her up a little over 2 weeks ago I cant count the time I have emailed you all with questions! Every time I got a quick response packed with knowledge and advice that comes from years of working with, breeding and owning your own dogs. That is the real value of what we have received, the knowledge that no matter what happens we have someone we can go to that is still just as invested in our dog as we are! We can't wait to see Winnie grow up into the beautiful dog we know she is going to be! Thank you for everything you all have done already, and everything you will do in the future as we learn the ropes of owning and loving our first puppy!


All the best,

Julie and Nick

Rhode Island

Recent Events

William with Zowe

March 28, 2012

Great Pyrenees, Zowe, and WilliamHere's William with one of our Great Pyrenees, Zowe.  What a great dog, and as the breed is very protective, Zoew keeps an eye on William.  With Louloo's help, our two Great Pyrenees keep an eye on us and our property too!




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