Cocker Spaniel

This dog is intelligent, cheerful, lively and affectionate.


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Hi Diane,

We are so happy with Rosie (formerly Brandy) our new Papillon puppy. We were a little hesitant to pick a puppy online but after talking with Diane we were more comfortable. Since she was a Chrismas present it was so nice of you to send an updated picture before the holiday so we could show her to her new mom. She was thrilled Santa was getting her a baby of her own. We came to visit her at 5 weeks of age. We were impressed with the kennel, it was clean and all the dogs looked great. We got to meet her mom and dad. If we could of we would have taken her brothers and sister too (lol). Everyone we met was very nice. We even got to watch a puppy being born. At 7 weeks we came back to get her. She had a bath and the paper work went quick. We took Rosie to our vet and she was given a clean bill of health. He was impressed at how healthy and happy she was. She is now almost 11 weeks old and weighs 3 pounds(hopefully you can open the attachment).She is happy and healthy and very spoiled. We have two older papillons and Rosie just follows them around. We think she is the smartest puppy we ever had. We would highly recommend The Happy Woofer to any one looking to add to thier family . Over all it was a great experience.

Thanks so much,

Peggy McAlister and family

Holmes, Pennsylvania

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From The Happy Woofer Family...

Congratulations to Genji on her recent picture in Modern Dog Magazine! Her proud owners are Julia & Alex Klymenko.

Congratulations to Genji on her recent picture in Modern Dog Magazine! Her proud owners are Julia & Alex Klymenko.


Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniel, Grant with Great Pyrenes Friends





United States


14 - 15 inches


24 - 28 lbs.


Most Colors


Hair is smooth and medium length. It should never be curly.


This dog is intelligent, cheerful, lively and affectionate.


Cocker Spaniels get along well with children, other dogs, and any household pets.


Cocker Spaniels must be brushed and combed thoroughly on a regular basis. The ears should be cleaned frequently. This breed should be taken to a dog grooming professional two to four times a year to have excessive hair plucked by hand.


Three walks a day are sufficient. However, this breed needs to run freely in the countryside on occasion. Most of them love to swim.


One of the world's most popular family pets, Cocker Spaniels are built with sturdy, compact bodies with a cleanly chiseled and refined head. Overall the breed appears well balanced and of ideal size. The American Cocker Spaniels have a much thicker coat and elegant trousers as contrasted to their cousins the English Cocker Spaniel. They are excellent bird and small-game hunters as well as great companions and wonderful with children.

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Cocker Spaniel, Grant, with horese

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Cocker Spaniel, Grant, taking in the sights

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Registered Name Breed Sex
Conceder El Perro De Color Parti Cocker Spaniel Male
Chelsey Jo Of Flat Iron Cocker Spaniel Female
Grant's Beautiful Dutchess Cocker Spaniel Female
Grant's Magnificent Queen Cocker Spaniel Female
Rufus Of Cockerpups R Us Cocker Spaniel Male





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