The Boxer is an active, energetic and playful dog that has a bright and friendly temperament.


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Hi Diane,

We are so happy with Rosie (formerly Brandy) our new Papillon puppy. We were a little hesitant to pick a puppy online but after talking with Diane we were more comfortable. Since she was a Chrismas present it was so nice of you to send an updated picture before the holiday so we could show her to her new mom. She was thrilled Santa was getting her a baby of her own. We came to visit her at 5 weeks of age. We were impressed with the kennel, it was clean and all the dogs looked great. We got to meet her mom and dad. If we could of we would have taken her brothers and sister too (lol). Everyone we met was very nice. We even got to watch a puppy being born. At 7 weeks we came back to get her. She had a bath and the paper work went quick. We took Rosie to our vet and she was given a clean bill of health. He was impressed at how healthy and happy she was. She is now almost 11 weeks old and weighs 3 pounds(hopefully you can open the attachment).She is happy and healthy and very spoiled. We have two older papillons and Rosie just follows them around. We think she is the smartest puppy we ever had. We would highly recommend The Happy Woofer to any one looking to add to thier family . Over all it was a great experience.

Thanks so much,

Peggy McAlister and family

Holmes, Pennsylvania

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Congratulations to Genji on her recent picture in Modern Dog Magazine! Her proud owners are Julia & Alex Klymenko.

Congratulations to Genji on her recent picture in Modern Dog Magazine! Her proud owners are Julia & Alex Klymenko.








The Boxer came from Germany and is the combination of the Old English Bulldog and the Bullenbeisser, which is now extinct.


Average 23 inches


Average 65 lbs.


The color of the Boxer can be many shades of "Fawn" and many shades of the "Brindle". The Fawn may be a Red Fawn, Deep Fawn or the Dark Deer Fawn. The Brindle may be Golden Brindle, Mahogany Brindle, Fawn Brindle, Red Brindle, Dark Brindle or a Reverse Brindle.


The coat is short, shiny, smooth and lies close to the body.


The Boxer is an active, energetic and playful dog that has a bright and friendly temperament. They are usually very good with children and can even be protective over their people. They have average intelligence, are great loving dogs that are very faithful to their owners. They are independent thinkers and problems solvers and along with that may come some head strong traits. Obedience training can be very helpful using the clicker training or other positive reinforcement. By nature, the Boxer is not aggressive but is an instinctive guardian.


Friendly but protective.


The coat care is very simple. They do not shed very much and an occasional bath and brushing with a soft bristled brush will keep the dogs coat shiny and healthy.


Training can best be accomplished with positive reinforcement methods such as the clicker training method. Even though the Boxer only has average intelligence, using reward based methods, one may find that their puppy achieves above average intelligence. Because the Boxer can be headstrong, obedience training is strongly encouraged.


Because a Boxer Puppy is an active, energetic and playful; a fenced yard or a lot of walks and playing is important. An adult boxer will make a good jogging or bicycle partner but be sure not to start this too young while the puppy is still maturing. They are not hyper dogs but do need room to run and play.


Stocky, Medium Sized and Short haired are a few words to describe the Boxer. The head is the most distinctive feature as it has a broad, short skull, a short muzzle and a very stong jaw. The lower jaw will protrude over the upper jaw, also called the "overbite".

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Registered Name Breed Sex
July's Rent And Feisty Boxer Female
M & D's June's Rent Paid Boxer Female
Jessie James Boxen In Schwarz Boxer Male
Rachel's Dee Dee N Magical Wish Boxer Female
Bonnie Can U Believe Boxer Female
Flockis Dillenger of Munich Boxer Male





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